Savory Oats Porridge - Quick and Healthy Breakfast

I use oats in chapthi's and dosa's but to have them as a porridge has never been on my list.Mister has it for breakfast every day but I can't stand the look of oats porridge.I don't know why,but may be its because I find it to be very gooey.

But today morning I challenged myself to try oats porridge , not the sweet one that has milk but the savory porridge.I cooked it in the microwave and seasoned it on the stove top.Took just a couple of minutes.There is no recipe as such,but this is what I did. Take a look at the porridge first...

In a microwave proof bowl I took quick cooking oats and added water so that it was one inch above the oats.[You can cook it according to your method also].Once done,I let it cool completely.

Later I added 1 large cup of buttermilk and salt and mixed well to remove any lumps.

Then heated a little oil and added a little mustard seeds , cumin seeds and a few curry leaves.Once it spluttered, I poured it over the porridge.

For an extra crunch and taste I added a fried More Milagai, and garnished it with coriander leaves.

It was absolutely delicious!!! This porridge, I can have it everyday ! I just wonder why I never thought of this before....

Oats has tons of health benefits and is especially good for heart as it is said to lower cholesterol levels and also high in fiber.I have written about it here.Do take a look

So this healthy porridge goes to Eat Well , Live well - Heart , hosted by Umm Mymoonah @ Taste of Pearl City

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